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Innovative Digital Technology, Inc. (IDT) has a long history of doing precisely what its name suggests… coming up with innovative ideas in the world of digital technology.

Will Stark, Founder and CEO of Innovative Digital Technology, Inc.

OrderMusic.com in 2000, launching the company's first digital product, Digital Music Downloads. Digital Music Downloads allowed you to buy one song at a time, for 99 cents, delivered in digital format, right to your computer. This is the same type of technology that iTunes capitalized on three years later.

In 2007, expanding its digital reach, OrderMusic.com's name was changed to "Innovative Digital Technology" and the Price Shopper, a mobile app well ahead of its time, was introduced! The Price Shopper was a free, downloadable mobile app that allowed you to walk into any store, and by either snapping a photo of a product, its box, bar code, or verbiage, or by speaking or typing in its name, instantly receive back pricing information and reviews of the product. Today, this same type of technology is being used by Google, for Google Goggles.

In 2010, Innovative Digital Technology began beta testing its SMS Text Mobile Marketing Platform. IDT worked with a variety of business models all over the United States to perfect an integrated SMS marketing system designed to bring its clients better results than those already being achieved in the rest of the SMS texting world.

Fast forward to April 2012…IDT officially launched its SMS Text Mobile Marketing Platform in the US. Two years of test marketing and trying different procedures created a program that is already achieving phenomenal results for its clients with a 10% redemption rate, well beyond the 8% response rate the rest of the world is hoping to achieve in the next 4 years
(see Juniper Research article at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dchg708nA_4&list=UULRi7PoZavYpOFxhvyrcN2Q&index=2&feature=plcp).

Always working on exciting projects, Innovative Digital Technology is now taking its expertise and innovation into the hospitality arena! It is currently developing a 5-star eco-resort in beautiful Costa Rica.

True to its name, Innovative Digital Technology is "a whole new direction on ideas!"


Will Stark: Founder and President/CEO, Innovative Digital Technology, Inc.

Will Stark, Founder and President/CEO of Innovative Digital Technology, Inc. (IDT) comes from a family of by Entrepreneurs. Will's cousin Red founded Iheart Media. Over the years Will has worked with Iheart on many projects. Will’s contributions were instrumental to the short success of Ihearts Digital Shopping Mall Network.

Will created OrderMusic.com in 2000, with the launching of the company’s first digital product, Dollar Downloads. The innovative software allowed the customer to purchase one song at a time, delivered in digital format to a computer. Always one step ahead of the crowd, three years later that same type technology would be used by iTunes.

In 2007, once again at the forefront of digital technology, OrderMusic.com became Innovative Digital Technology, and introduced Price Shopper, a mobile phone app that was later emulated by Google Goggles. In 2010, Innovative Digital Technology began beta testing its SMS Text Mobile Marketing Platform. The product was officially launched in April of 2012.

Many other businesses have benefited from Will’s expertise. He previously owned a successful publishing company, and established and managed several large scale sales organizations, including a significant team for Verizon.

In 2001, Harvard School of Business invited Will to join a prestigious panel with four other dotcom CEOs to speak about surviving as an online company amidst the dotcom bubble burst. In 2008, Will was inducted into the Interactive Media Peer Group of the Academy of Television Sciences and Arts, focusing on the possibilities of Interactive TV.

In 2010, Will oversaw IDT’s launch into beta testing its SMS Text Mobile Marketing Platform. IDT worked closely with a variety of businesses nationally to perfect its integrated SMS system, designed to bring its clients results that have far outpaced the rest of the SMS industry.

Alan High: Former President & General Manager, Clearchannel Spectacolor and Mall Division

Alan High is President and General Manager of Clearchannel Spectacolor, the US market leader in sign displays such as the spectacular electronic billboards seen in Times Square and Las Vegas. Alan oversees all nationwide business operations for Spectacolor, which is a division of the world’s largest outdoor advertising company, Clearchannel Outdoor (NYSE: CCO). Since Alan’s appointment to Spectacolor in December 2010, he has managed the introduction of two new third-party digital signs in Times Square, along with the company’s first fully interactive social and mobile media deployment.

Alan has been with Clearchannel for 13 years. In addition to his appointment to Spectacolor, Alan also serves as President and General Manager of Clearchannel Malls and was previously Head of Operations for Clearchannel Outdoor Canada. Under his leadership, the former has become one of the top performing business units within the company, providing advertising services in retail malls throughout the US, operating a national platform of about 200 properties. The Spectacolor and malls division is the top profit center in Clearchannel.

Alan High is a recognized industry expert on out-of-home media and a leading advocate of digital signage. He is often invited to speak at industry events and has published articles on digital signage. Alan has an Honors Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Western Ontario where he majored in Marketing.

Red McCombs: Former OrderMusic Advisory Board

Billy Joe "Red" McCombs is the founder of the Red McCombs Automotive Group, a co-founder of Iheart Media, a former owner of the San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets, and the Minnesota Vikings, and the namesake of the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. He is a long-standing member of Forbes magazines top 400 richest Americans and has owned nearly 400 businesses during his career.

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