Working together for over 20 years, IDT brings you Clear Channel radio ads and event promotions. With its 850 radio stations, and 243 million monthly listeners in the US, Clear Channel has the largest reach of any radio station in America.

IDT helps you build your brand with billboards across the United States and abroad. With Clear Channel you have access to 49 of the Top 50 Designated Marketing Areas nationwide, reaching over 141 million consumers every month.

Bus Shelters
What's smaller than a billboard, stands at eye level, and can be found on almost every corner? Bus shelters! They provide the perfect opportunity to blitz an area with your brand, catching the eye of both drivers and pedestrians.

Having access to hundreds of airports worldwide means having access to hundreds of millions of travelers annually. This is the exposure that IDT brings you through Clear Channel and its vast network of traditional, digital, and experiential airport displays.

Malls provide extraordinary advertising opportunities, and Clear Channel brings them to you. The Sky's the limit, literally, with sky murals, trumpet banners, door clings, escalator sides, elevator doors, floor graphics and food court programs!

Whether it's via a bus wrap, a commuter rail station, or a ferry, if it's commuters and urban professionals you're looking to reach, IDT delivers high-profile exposure with Clear Channel's full range of transit settings for your ads.

Digital Billboards
Besides brilliant visibility, digital billboards provide unequaled flexibility in the length, frequency and content of your ad. Updates or countdowns are easily scheduled in. IDT brings you the latest Clear Channel digital technology.

Airline Magazines
Airline magazines not only reach out to an affluent demographic, they have the added benefit of delivering to you a captive audience for your ad. And many readers take the entire publication or ads of interest with them when they disembark.

Web Design
These days potential clients and customers will most likely check you out online before ever calling you or coming in to your place of business. IDT will help you make that first impression a great one!

TV Commercials
Working with an experienced advertising company like IDT, allows you to purchase TV commercial spots at very affordable rates, and to focus your ad campaign on the regions and demographics of your choice.

Direct Mail
Some businesses and types of promotions just naturally lend themselves to direct mail campaigns. IDT will work with you to define your market, identify your target territories, and create an effective mailer based on your objectives.

Movie Advertising
There are 1.3 billion movie goers annually, and exposure to an ad on the "big" screen heightens retention. Ads can also be placed on lobby flat screens, and on mobile and internet movie sites as well. It's all about exposure!

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