Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art and science of increasing your company’s online visibility. Most people start looking for the products and services they need by using a search engine like Google, Yahoo! or Bing. SEO comprises specialized techniques to win your website a coveted top place in these search engine’s results pages. IDT is an SEO company with the tools and expertise to maximize your website’s presence, and to turn online search into sales.

10 statistics that demonstrate the value of SEO

These statistics source from a compilation of SERPS behaviour studies for which I’ve listed source information at the end of the article.

  1. 42% of search users click the top-ranking link. 8% click the second-ranking link, and the click-through rate (CTR) continues to drop thereafter.
  2. When these two top-ranking links are artificially switched, the click-through ratio of 42-8% drops to 34-12%, demonstrating the importance of engaging copy in addition to rank position.
  3. 62% of search users click a link on the first page of search results
  4. 23% of searches progress to the second page. Presumably the difference between 62% and 23% stems from searchers trying either another keyword or another engine, or giving up.
  5. 80% of unsuccessful searches are followed with keyword refinement.
  6. 41% of searches unsuccessful after the first page choose to refine their keyword search phrase or their chosen search engine.
  7. 77% of search users choose organic over paid listing when searching, 67% choose organic search when purchasing.
  8. When the searcher is purchasing, organic click-through generates 25% higher conversion rates than equivalent Pay-Per-Click (PP) click-through.
  9. 40% of SEO campaigns aware of their ROI achieve returns in excess of 500%, while only 22% of PPC campaigns were able to achieve this value.
  10. Daily use of search engines rose from 33% in 2002 to 59% in 2005. The average day in 2005 reported 60 million people using a search engine. As of March 2007, Google accounts for 64% of US searches and 77% of UK searches

The validity of these statistics depend on various experimental factors (i.e. large, representative samples of searchers/searches), and on accurate statistical analysis.

For more in depth analysis, the sources for this article were:

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Market and Competitor Analysis

IDT's analysis team defines the most searched and targeted keywords and phrases that relate directly to your business. We'll also identify your competitors' SEO strategies and how to surpass them – ensuring each campaign delivers maximum ROI.

Onsite Optimization and Content Development

Our Onsite SEO Team works to achieve ideal keyword placement in the key areas of each page. This ensures maximum visibility to the search engine 'spiders' that scan websites for the words and phrases people use in their searches.

Complementing this, we'll optimize your pages' content, HTML coding, internal linking and navigation, and resolve any other issues that could be harming their ranking.

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